1. You are confused or uncertain about an issue in your life
  2. You feel depleted by others and circumstances around you
  3. You feel out of place
  4. You feel you do not have luck in finances
  5. You feel unlucky with love
  6. You are suffering grief and loss
  7. Your self esteem needs a jump-start

More Reasons Why Someone Would Want An Akashic Reading: 

To learn about yourslef To explore yourself emotionally, mentally & spiritually
To dissolve blocks To resolve body issues
To help understand your triggers To erase weight issues
To  heal old wounds To deal with money issues effectively
To become one with your soul path To attract life-long love
To answer important life questions To make career compatible choices
To assist in making decisions To discover more about your pet or animal companion
To handle emotionally draining experiences & people To build strong boundaries for protection

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