Get an Akashic ReadingQuestions to Ask During an Akashic Reading

  1. What is my soul origination?
  2. What is my soul path?
  3. What can I learn about myself?
  4. How can I dissolve blocks?
  5. How can I help understand my triggers?
  6. How can I heal old wounds and what are they?
  7. How can I become one with my soul path?
  8. How can I  handle emotionally draining experiences and/or people?
  9. How can I  resolve body issues?
  10. How can I clear my residence and former residences?
  11. How can I clear my car and keep grounded and without negativity?
  12. How can I deal with money issues effectively?
  13. How can I attract life long love?
  14. How can I maximize career compatible choices?
  15. How can I learn more about my animal companion?
  16. How can I build strong boundaries for protection?
  17. How can I improve my health?  (this is not medical advice)
  18. Why do I have this phobia?
  19. Why do I have this issue in my life?